Thursday, May 04, 2006

New medical humanities site

I discovered this through the technorati search: it seems to be predominantly by Imperial medical students interested in medicine and the humanities, but has wider relevance. It has a number of interesting features, including a side bar giving details of forthcoming medical programmes on the television...mostly soaps I'm afraid, though that may be an accurate reflection of television's coverage of medical issues.

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Blogger aj said...

Hello, I'm a writer for this website (thanks for the plug!). I also wrote the article in your previous post. You might be interested to hear is hosting Grand Rounds this week - a weekly roundup of articles from the medical blogosphere. It's great to see Medical Humanities courses at other universities - we run in tandem with the course at ICSM, but we are a group blog and have a scientist, surgeon, art historian as well as final year students contributing.

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